Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does CEO Cubed do?
A. We work with CEOs to resolve critical issues of growth.


Q. What is the significance of the name CEO Cubed?
A. The foundation of our service is two experienced CEOs working directly with a company owner or CEO to resolve critical growth issues. Our clients know their businesses and industries infinitely better than we do. Our CEOs have seen and resolved a wide range of growth issues in companies of all sizes and across industries. We engage in collaboration to generate synergy that powers company growth. We believe that the power of 3 is greater than the mere addition or multiplication of the individual skills and experience, yielding decisions and performance that are exponentially better.

Q. What is CEOsoundboardTM?
A. Most small company CEOs feel isolated when it comes to making critical business decisions. Often they not completely able to rely on even an advisory board or their management team to provide the CEO confidence and additional certainty about the most important decisions, like taking the company in a new direction. This is where the CEOsoundboard service is particularly helpful to the CEO because it provides the opportunity to collaborate with two other highly experienced CEOs on issues of the highest concern. This interaction yields not only objective opinions and new ideas, but also invaluable confidence to the CEO in making important choices, particularly in uncharted or unfamiliar territory.

Q. What is OnDemandResourcingTM?
A. OnDemandResourcing extends a CEO’s capability by making available the resources required when the business demands it. A CEO’s ability to address important business issues may be impeded by limited time or internal resources, or unfamiliarity with available solutions. When business demands exceed the CEO’s current capacity, OnDemandResourcing provides the means to extend this capacity, quickly and efficiently.

Q. Is this like Just-in-Time delivery of resources
A. It’s a similar concept except that just-in-time delivery, which originated in the manufacturing arena, supports highly predictable and repeatable processes. On-Demand Resourcing supports the CEO’s requirement to respond quickly and effectively with the right resources to address unique and unstructured challenges and opportunities, which are often unpredictable.

Q. How is this different from outsourcing?
A. On-Demand Resourcing is a CEO-CEO service. Traditional outsourcing addresses functional issues where the issues and requirements are well-understood. CEOs rarely have the luxury of dealing only with the issues and requirements that are well-understood. On-Demand Resourcing allows CEOs to address any issue that is keeping their businesses from moving forward, without restriction to functional, tactical, or strategic characteristics.

Q. What makes you different from business consulting companies?
A. Unlike business consulting firms, in addition to being exclusively a CEO–to–CEO Service we don’t have open-ended engagements, we don’t lead with solutions looking for a problem, we don’t charge for consulting, and we don’t just deliver plans–we deliver execution. Additionally, we have extensive CEO experience across a multitude of situations and industries. This allows us to sort through issues, identify business opportunities and risks, and work with CEOs to set priorities in a way that the average business consultant cannot.

Q. What is the significance of your being a CEO-to-CEO service?
A. Our CEO experience makes us think like CEOs. We understand their priorities and the demands placed on them. We approach problem solving the same way CEOs do, starting with the goal, indentifying the requirements, securing the resources, and then executing.

Q. Do you use a specific methodology?
A. We are not held captive by a specific canned process or methodology. We don’t believe in force-fitting a pre-determined solution on unique company situations. We employ the most appropriate approach based on the company situation, tapping into our business experience and our familiarity with a variety of different processes and methodologies.

Q. How do you do the work?
A. We retain resource specialists to deliver the identified projects. We draw upon a broad network of resources to find the best person for your specific company and issues. This approach uniquely allows us to help CEOs address an unlimited range of business issues and initiatives. This also allows us to remain completely objective in selecting what we believe are the best-fit resources for your unique company situation. We manage the resources to assure successful completion of the deliverables.

Q. Do you assess my business?
A. Our role is not to assess but to address. We are not there to evaluate your business but to address the issues and requirements to achieve your priority goals. We do this with you in a highly collaborative process that draws out all of the important business issues based on your goals and allows us to discuss a range of solutions and courses of action. Further, there is no charge or obligation for this discovery process. (See our Unique Process.)

Q. How do I know if I can use your services?
A. If you are a CEO or owner of a company who has business opportunities and objectives you are not currently able to effectively address, you are a candidate to use our services.

Q. If my company engages you, what deliverables should I expect?
A. Our process includes a proposal that provides the following:

  • Time to complete your project
  • Fixed cost
  • Estimate of how much of your time is required
  • List of specific deliverables

Our project engagements are not open-ended. They are well defined as to timeframe, deliverables, and cost. We believe that an iterative project approach with smaller rather than larger projects provides greater visibility and flexibility for clients.

Q. Just what do you charge for?
A. We charge for the work performed to resolve the issues you want addressed, not for plans or proposals. Please see our Unique Process.

Q. What happens next?
A We review progress and identify any new issues that may have become apparent. We then discuss tacking additional issues we have jointly identified in our report. Please see our Unique Process.