Our 10-Step Process

We have developed a 10-Step Process for quickly and efficiently getting results. Our process is designed to keep you in complete control over the priorities, decisions, and commitments when we work with you. We have a no-cost, no-obligation way your company can further exploit the opportunities it has.
Our process is divided into 4 distinct phases. At the end of each phase, you and we will have additional information to make a reasoned economic business decision whether to move forward to the next phase.

Phase 1: Discover
Phase 2: Define
Phase 3: Deliver
Phase 4: Decide

The Discover Phase consists of three steps.

1. Dialog
In an initial meeting, two of our experienced CEOs discuss with you the business goals you are concerned about. This highly collaborative meeting normally lasts 2 to 4 hours. The objective is to better understand the nature of the opportunities and challenges you are facing and how you view them. This is not an assessment; we are not there to tell you what is right or wrong with your company. We are there to discuss your agenda.

2. Discover
Once the critical goals and issues are on the table and we have a chance to discuss and probe more deeply into them, we collaborate with you to identify patterns and relationships among them and separate symptoms and effects from causes. Our goal is to come to a consensus with you as to the relative importance and priority of the initiatives under discussion.

3. Report
Following this initial meeting, our team will meet to discuss their findings and opinions. These will be documented in a report that summarizes the meeting and additionally presents our team’s recommendations to realize your key priorities. Our team will set a time with you to go over the contents of the report. (See a sample table of contents here.)

There is no cost to you to complete Steps 1 to 3 and no obligation to proceed beyond these stages with us.

The Define Phase consists of three steps.

4. Select
From the recommendations contained in the report, you can select a priority goal to address. We will turn the achievement of that goal into a defined project, specify and identify the resources required, and submit a proposal for your review and consideration.

5. Propose
The proposal to achieve your priority goal will contain:

  • Estimated time to complete your project
  • Fixed-fee cost
  • Estimate of how much of your time we will require
  • Additional support or involvement we require from your internal resources
  • List of specific deliverables

We review this proposal with you and answer any questions you may have.

6. Approve
You approve the proposal when you are comfortable with its contents and want to move forward.

There is no cost to you to complete Steps 4 to 6 and no obligation to proceed beyond these stages with us.

The Deliver Phase consists of three steps.

7. Engage
We engage the resources you approve to execute the proposal.

8. Manage
We manage the project to confirm that it is going in the right direction and is on schedule. We maintain a dialog with you to be sure we are meeting your expectations and we address with the resources any of your concerns that come up during the project.

9. Deliver
When we believe that we have successfully completed all the deliverables in the proposal, we will ask for your concurrence. If you are not in agreement, we will work with you and the assigned resources to ensure your satisfaction.

You pay only for the actual services provided by the resources we engage and manage
in Steps 7 to 9to achieve your project deliverables.


The Decide Phase consists of one step, which completes our 10-Step Process for business enhancement.

10. Review
At the successful completion of a project, we reevaluate our mutually-agreed priority goals to see if any priorities have changed based on new information we gained, or important new issues we uncovered. You decide if you are ready to return to Step 1 to address another priority goal, following the same process for each new project.

There is no cost to you to complete Step 10 and no obligation to proceed beyond this stage with us.